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I rode about twenty miles this morning to pick up a cellphone from a craigslist seller. 
About 100 feet from my destination I lost all power to my bike. Awesome....

- Main 30a fuse blew out
- 10a Tail-light/horn fuse blew on the ride over
- I have blown high-beams on 3 headlights in a week
- Removed tail light - Plugged in new fuses (tail and main)
- Main fuse blew instantly(no ignition)
- Disconnected all connectors removed all fuses. 
- inserted main fuse and reconnected main fuse harness. No blowout 
- Reconnected an fuses. No blowout 
- Reconnected computers and flasher relay. No Blowout
- Reconnected Regulator rectifier. Instant blow out.

- Tested out the R/R as shown.


guitar IMG_2700 I finally received my mini helmet cam and I am very happy with the video quality during daylight hours, however the audio leaves very much to be desired. I am searching for an inexpensive microphone/recorder combo at the moment. Until then I will go ahead and load up some video editing software and maybe just write over the audio with music. Below is a sample video. as you can see the video length is only 52 seconds that is because YouTube does not properly recognize mjpg encoded video in an AVI wrapper. I have discovered a solution to this problem going forward.


I recorded my ride to work this morning and should I find time I will chop it up add some music and post it for you tube as another test.


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