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I rode about twenty miles this morning to pick up a cellphone from a craigslist seller. 
About 100 feet from my destination I lost all power to my bike. Awesome....

- Main 30a fuse blew out
- 10a Tail-light/horn fuse blew on the ride over
- I have blown high-beams on 3 headlights in a week
- Removed tail light - Plugged in new fuses (tail and main)
- Main fuse blew instantly(no ignition)
- Disconnected all connectors removed all fuses. 
- inserted main fuse and reconnected main fuse harness. No blowout 
- Reconnected an fuses. No blowout 
- Reconnected computers and flasher relay. No Blowout
- Reconnected Regulator rectifier. Instant blow out.

- Tested out the R/R as shown.


After completing my exhaust sealing and reinstall with Jeff (throughclawseyes). We changed out his license plate bracket. Added some music and posted this video.

Claws Youtube channel. Geekonamotorcycle’s channel.

04-10-11 WTF this asshole gave me a ticket!

I went to Clearwater beach today to watch the sunset. As I pulled up to where other bikers were getting parking tickets I asked the attendant where I could buy my parking pass. I parked the bike walked over and bought a parking pass and placed it as you can see on my bike in plain view of the meter bastard. I went and enjoyed the sunset with the added bonus of getting to listen and watch a Jazz band with a really good looking singer on the beach. I happily walked back to my bike which had almost 60 minutes left on its pass. I discovered a parking ticket on my throttle. Now I have to appear in Clearwater with my parking pass and receipt because the fanny-pack wearing asshole apparently can neither see a yellow parking pass on a blue bike or pay attention to me placing the pass on my bike right in front of his disgusting face.  Video below

Where my parking pass was located

Motherfucker seriously can not see this?

The sunset I should have enjoyed

The one and only04-07-11 Integrated tail light installation
This was not as easy as I thought it would be. As it turns out the plug was put together improperly at the factory. After much trouble shooting and many burnt fuses the problem was discovered and the solution is as presented in the video. Be sure to hit subscribe.

04-06-11 Very bad motorcycle accident on the way to QSL
Unfortunately this is not a lighthearted video
Best wishes go out to all those involved and their families.

This was shot on the way to Quaker steak and Lube in clearwater florida for bike night. We later found out that all the riders were seen racing as they left QSL. The road they took has many stop lights and is notorious for cage drivers pulling out in front of bikes.

  • Always wear your gear.
  • Never ride with an unsafe BAC
  • Always pay attention to the road.

guitar IMG_2700 I finally received my mini helmet cam and I am very happy with the video quality during daylight hours, however the audio leaves very much to be desired. I am searching for an inexpensive microphone/recorder combo at the moment. Until then I will go ahead and load up some video editing software and maybe just write over the audio with music. Below is a sample video. as you can see the video length is only 52 seconds that is because YouTube does not properly recognize mjpg encoded video in an AVI wrapper. I have discovered a solution to this problem going forward.


I recorded my ride to work this morning and should I find time I will chop it up add some music and post it for you tube as another test.


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