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Mister Radical Randy and Church seem to call out sport bike riders while completely disregarding the blatant heavy drinking and sloppy riding habits of their actual paying(drinking) customers. If they want to do something for the public safety they should close their outside bar or implement a strict 2 beer per person alcohol limit. An even better idea would be to require helmets and safety gear which are not skull caps and leather vests.  As many have pointed out. This place promotes drinking and riding. Mister Randy’s description of the accident is also highly inaccurate and shows too much empathy towards the woman who caused the accident saying: “I can only imagine what that seventeen year old girl felt like when she got her back end bashed in”. This foolish young  woman got “her back end bashed in”  only after NOT checking for oncoming traffic (or somehow missing the sight and sound of FIVE motorcycles) and suddenly pulling out into the right lane from a U-turn and slamming on her brakes rather than accelerating severely injuring several riders.

Another funny story which gives an example of why Radical Randy and Mr. Church are deflecting their problems onto sport bike riders and not the drunks they help create;  the week of the accident I was attending and a runner up in the best bike contest was in the bathroom fall over drunk shouting about how he is part of the free-masons.  He then talked about how Obama is going to take away our motorcycles. He claimed that fuel injection was part of the plot.  He even enlightened me to the “FACT” that there is a highway being built through the USA Canada and Mexico in preparation of all three countries becoming one as part of the NWO… Rewarding the drunks with trophies; awesome.

Another point of complaint from these two clowns is noise “especially those sport bikes going ding-ding-ding-ding”. This is idiotic. I ride a 100+ hp; 1000cc V-twin sport bike with a shortened custom exhaust which I consider to be very loud.  The reason for this of course is to make my presence known to inept 17 year old drivers who do things like not looking before they make U-turns . Even with this system the sound I make pales in comparison to a 100cu 47hp land beast operated by a drunken rider(with a trophy) stumbling out os QSL’s bike night. The truth is most Japanese inline 4 motorcycle engines sound like electric razors when revved up not the ear shattering bellow from an ancient tech cruiser.

Fear the sport-bike rider taking away our bike nights and liquor licenses by revving their engines and riding fast, but never mind all this alcohol we are selling to (drunken) Idiots on motorcycles…

This is footage I took on my way to QSL. The guy on the ground is a friend of mine who I actually got my Motorcycle endorsement with. I even gave him a ride to the dealership to pick up that bike. 

Radical Randy’s rant (a few minutes in)

A tongue in cheek letter I sent to QSL management

“I was offended by last wed’s MC suggesting that sport bike riders were responsible for a bad image by revving out engines and doing wheelies. I often head out on wed night with large groups of young (bathed) sport bike riders who purchase food and drink, but am shocked to see the number of cruiser riders wantonly drinking heavily and revving their obnoxiously loud 47 hp engines then swerving all over the roads drunk with their wrinkly old bleach blondes on the back of their air compressors. Sport bike riders seems to comprise a very large percentage of your clients at bike night. Especially on summer nights when it is too hot for weekend warriors to be out riding. My friends and I may not buy as much alcohol as them but we do buy food and some drinks and mostly seem to wear protective gear beyond skull caps and leather vests. I would like to see your MC apologize for singling us out. I am not sure if it is jealousy or senility in old age brought on by not wearing a helmet in the sun, but I feel he should get on the microphone and apologize. I will be there next week waiting for this. Since I am suggesting things might I also suggest a personal hygiene policy for people entering bike night. So lets have all our fellow cruiser riders wear deodorant. A better policy would be all riders must wear helmets to enter bike night. I know I am saying all these mean things about radical randy, but on a positive note. When one of my female friends was creeped out by his awkward touching he did stop at her request. A true gentleman.


After completing my exhaust sealing and reinstall with Jeff (throughclawseyes). We changed out his license plate bracket. Added some music and posted this video.

Claws Youtube channel. Geekonamotorcycle’s channel.

03-25-11Why I love My bike. Thump Thump Thump

– After replacing my regulator/Rectifier and wiring harness I took Exia for a test ride.

– I rode her naked for the first time.

-It’s the Thump Thump thump! Turn up your volume and bass.

Details are in the video below. Be sure to hit subscribe.

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03-07-11 Further Tales of Incompetence from Go-Eco Green machine.

Today on my way to work I was troubled by my rear tire’s floppiness. I knew it was reaching the end of its service life so when I realized it was losing air I decided I needed to change it right away. Thankfully FJ Motorsports was less than two miles away from where I was at the time. I made my way there promptly and was pleased to find that this months special was a complete set of Continental Conti Motion tires for only 178$ (after tax) installed.

Now a dead tire is hardly a reason to be upset about Go Eco Green Machines of Pinnellas park Florida; and this would just be a simple tire swap except that during the front tires replacement something very disturbing was discovered. Some background; My front brakes have been squealing and giving some wobble when I applied them. I had taken it in to Go Eco two weeks after my purchase and was told that they inspected the system and that everything was normal.

When George at FJ Motorsports was inspecting my front end he discovered that the spacing was set incorrectly. This placed my left disc (while sitting on the bike) less than 1/8 th of an inch from the left fork.  Because of this my calipers where not gripping my discs properly. This caused me to have to exert extra force on the brake for less stopping power and caused the front end wobble. George was able to (literally) create a solution that got me back in the saddle as a happy customer without charging me an arm and a leg.

On top of the other problems (click Here) Go Eco Green Machine failed to notice that the tire was incorrectly attached to the bike. They claim to complete a safety inspection and put every bike through their serivce department, however as you can see it is either a lie or the work is completed incompetently.

I am collecting your stories of trouble at Go Eco at this link. Please message me if you would like your story told.

Again I would like to thank the staff at FJ Motorsports for being prompt fairly priced and creative in their work. Though if you watch them “work” it looks more like play since they are a group of people who really seem to enjoy working on bikes.

With a new bike I finally felt I could take on the infamous North Run. It really is all its cracked up to be. 54 miles of beautiful Florida countryside. Not only was it visually striking, but the weather was clear, cool, crisp and amazing in general. I hope to participate in more North Runs going forward. Special thanks to BusaGuy61 for organizing this trip. I was able to gain confidence leaning Exia over resulting in even better handling skill in my daily riding.

This is the North run route we took.

  • Total Distance 54.60 Miles
  • Max/Average Speed 89.65 mph / 49.74 mph
  • Total/Moving Time 1:07:46 / 1:05:52
  • Min/Max Elevation 49 ft / 229 ft
  • Elevation Gain 847 ft
  • Min/Max Grade -3.2 / 2.9



Watching the clouds float by

Enjoying life on a hot day

Hours upon hours of Video reviewing, scrubbing, editing and leveling have yielded my very first riding music video.
Though I realize this is mostly a niche thing I am very proud of it so if you enjoyed the video please leave a comment below. I typically host videos on youtube however they do not appreciate my liberal use of music so I am having to host it on Megavideo. If you would prefer a higher quality video then use this Bittorrent Magnet link


You must be using a newer bit-torrent client. I recommend Utorrent. Once you have opened utorrent click file> add torrent from url and paste the magnet link. If you are having trouble playing the video then please install the CCCP codec pack from this link

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Otherwise please take advantage of mega-video:

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Well folks it finally happened. after 12 years of driving I finally got a ticket for speeding and its kinda a big deal. Details are in the video. PS Im looking for a lawyer…

If youtube does not work use this link.

The one and only

Hello everybody. Tonight we had a meetup at Tijuana Flats in New Port Richie. It was allot of fun and we had a nice large group. Sorry the pics and videos are so dark, but we arrived late due to a navigation error (ahem 78). We had a great time and it was nice to meet so many fellow riders.

As usual leave comments below.

Someone reminded me of this today. Gotta love south park for calling it.