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After completing my exhaust sealing and reinstall with Jeff (throughclawseyes). We changed out his license plate bracket. Added some music and posted this video.

Claws Youtube channel. Geekonamotorcycle’s channel.


04-10-11 WTF this asshole gave me a ticket!

I went to Clearwater beach today to watch the sunset. As I pulled up to where other bikers were getting parking tickets I asked the attendant where I could buy my parking pass. I parked the bike walked over and bought a parking pass and placed it as you can see on my bike in plain view of the meter bastard. I went and enjoyed the sunset with the added bonus of getting to listen and watch a Jazz band with a really good looking singer on the beach. I happily walked back to my bike which had almost 60 minutes left on its pass. I discovered a parking ticket on my throttle. Now I have to appear in Clearwater with my parking pass and receipt because the fanny-pack wearing asshole apparently can neither see a yellow parking pass on a blue bike or pay attention to me placing the pass on my bike right in front of his disgusting face.  Video below

Where my parking pass was located

Motherfucker seriously can not see this?

The sunset I should have enjoyed

The one and only04-07-11 Integrated tail light installation
This was not as easy as I thought it would be. As it turns out the plug was put together improperly at the factory. After much trouble shooting and many burnt fuses the problem was discovered and the solution is as presented in the video. Be sure to hit subscribe.

04-06-11 Very bad motorcycle accident on the way to QSL
Unfortunately this is not a lighthearted video
Best wishes go out to all those involved and their families.

This was shot on the way to Quaker steak and Lube in clearwater florida for bike night. We later found out that all the riders were seen racing as they left QSL. The road they took has many stop lights and is notorious for cage drivers pulling out in front of bikes.

  • Always wear your gear.
  • Never ride with an unsafe BAC
  • Always pay attention to the road.

03-29-11 Court Results

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The one and only Court results for a red light ticket

175$ in court costs + 91$ of court costs no points no school and 120 days to pay


So after fixing my cars alternator problem I finally had a moment to inspect my Bike. I took of the cowl and documented what I saw.

The first thing I need help (and ya’lls help is appreciated) with is building a parts list. Below are all the pictures I snapped. Are there any other tests I should run? It looks like I am going to need a complete wiring harness R/R and what else?

This is the forum post @ at

Original video of the bike burning

Keep in Mind this is a 2000 Honda VTR1000f not an RC51

This is the hole that made it through my fairing.

Voltage measured at the battery

My Battery

Main Fuse 1

Main Fuse 2

R/R and wiring 1

R/R and wiring 2

R/R and wiring 3

R/R and wiring 4

R/R and wiring 5

R/R and Wiring 6

R/R and Wiring 7 – Close up of the wiring on the R/R

ECU ? – is this in the right place?

Unknown box 1 – What is this?

Unknown box 2 – What is this box? It seems like it does not belong

Unknown box 3 – The connector going into the box

Watching the clouds float by

Enjoying life on a hot day


Watching the clouds float by

Enjoying life on a hot day

Just watch the video…
-March has been one of the worst possible months in my recorded history
-My bike broke.
– The dealer denied fixing it
– I fixed it.
– My grandma died.
– Japan got destroyed.
– My license got suspended.
– I paid several hundreds of dollars in fees from everybody everywhere.
– I got my license back.
– My bike caught on fire.
– I am still single.

If you enjoy my videos and want to see me back up and running send a donation at this link
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Update 03-21-11
Some pics below. The adjuster called today but since I am working I could not talk. I will probably have an inspection on wed so we will see what her fate is from there.

Details are in the video below. Be sure to hit subscribe.

* A death in the family * License Suspended! *Latin women *Miami *Geekonabicycle *Bike Wars update * site is up *general ranting

Saige and I have repaired Exia after Go Eco denied repairing her. They told me that since I touched the bike they would not cover their incompetent inspection and set up.

I purchased as opposed to their official site

I created a blog there and will be updating my story. I would like to boost its google ranking so it displays to anyone searching for go eco , but am more interested in any other bikers stories about how they have been wronged by go eco green machine.

Please contact me if any of the following apply to you.

– You purchased some kind of cycle from go eco.
– You had repairs done improperly.
– you were denied repairs.
– You believe go eco is at fault for damage through negligence or incompetence.
– you had some kinda.
– You have some kind of documentation (pictures videos) to back up your claim.
– you remember dates of events.
– you are willing to have a video or story made telling your story for the world to see.

as a bonus here is a video of Exia being reborn.