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After completing my exhaust sealing and reinstall with Jeff (throughclawseyes). We changed out his license plate bracket. Added some music and posted this video.

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03-25-11Why I love My bike. Thump Thump Thump

– After replacing my regulator/Rectifier and wiring harness I took Exia for a test ride.

– I rode her naked for the first time.

-It’s the Thump Thump thump! Turn up your volume and bass.


Watching the clouds float by

Enjoying life on a hot day

Hours upon hours of Video reviewing, scrubbing, editing and leveling have yielded my very first riding music video.
Though I realize this is mostly a niche thing I am very proud of it so if you enjoyed the video please leave a comment below. I typically host videos on youtube however they do not appreciate my liberal use of music so I am having to host it on Megavideo. If you would prefer a higher quality video then use this Bittorrent Magnet link


You must be using a newer bit-torrent client. I recommend Utorrent. Once you have opened utorrent click file> add torrent from url and paste the magnet link. If you are having trouble playing the video then please install the CCCP codec pack from this link

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Otherwise please take advantage of mega-video:

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So a few weeks ago I headed down to a bike night in Sarasota. Turned out to be a bunch of smelly Harley riders oggling hooters waitresses but since I had made the trip down there I stuck around after and headed to siesta key. On the way back the next morning I noticed allot of performance problems on Long shot. I wound up taking her into Wide open Motorsports for inspection. As it turns out the D-Bag who owned my bike before me stuck Honda accord spark plugs instead of NGK plugs in. As you can see in the pics above one of the plugs had no cathode material left at all. This entire time I had essentially been running on 3 cylinders! Yikes! The plug was actually kept at the shop as an example of how plugs should not look.


Updated look at Longshot my gsx600.

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