07-08-2011 Meet me in outer space

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watch this to get psyched

I took off tomorrow for the final launch of the shuttle. It may not happen but I am going to try n’ make the journey to Titusville anyways. I should be meeting Noki in Orlando. Does anybody else want to ride along?


This link has information about viewing spots:


I dont have tickets for the really good spots so I was going to view from space view park which is located here:

The journey from brandon is 2:45~ minutes. and there will be one fuel stop in the airport area. It is a bit of a long shot that there will still be good viewing spaces available, but I will take the chance.

Meeting spot will be here:

With the destination being here:

This is the route I was planning on.

View Larger Map

We will launch from The TA travel Center and stop about mid way at a 7-11 for fuel and to meet noki. This segment will last about 1 hour and 12 minutes

Departure at 0700

View Larger Map

From the 7-11 we will complete the trip to Space View Park. This segment of the trip should last about 47 minutes.

Departure at 0820~

View Larger Map

Parking is unknown and possibly every man for him or herself. The only information I have comes from the Google review of space view park and it says 20-40$. It also says you can park a mile or so south of the park for free and hike back. The pace will be whatever I can get away with.

I don’t like leading things so let’s consider this a loose confederation of riders with no one in charge.  If we are late or miss the launch I’m sorry.

  1. Bring binoculars
  2. Summer riding gear
  3. Water
  4. Sunpass
  5. 20-40$ for parking (unless you want to hike)
  6. Food money
  7. cellphone
  8. GPS
  9. wet weather gear

I will check the weather in the morning and decide if I still want to go. Feel free to use this route and leave without me should I be late or whatever.


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