Carb problems? Help me decide.

Posted: 06/22/2011 in Uncategorized

First watch the video

My bike started acting up about two days ago. It used to steady idle between 1100-1200 RPM. The weather changed a couple days ago and since then my bike has been idling at about 800-1000 RPM. The needle seems to bounce around a bit and at times the bike just shuts off! there is a slight odor of gasoline when it cuts off, but otherwise I don’t hear any noise or notice anything else out of place. I have put over 5k miles on the bike since I got it at the end of February and with 48mm carbs I assume that maybe they need a good run through? Leave comments below.

0:00 – normal acceleration
0:54 – Acceleration, Stall, Acceleration to 0-100~ mph
3:14 – 2nd gear slip to neutral (another problem I have)
3:21 – low idle
4:42 – Slowing down in neutral with a stall
5:01 – stall while clutch-in in 1st gear

  1. pyroman1 says:

    Humbly ask Bob for help.

    • Well hello there. Didn’t know you were a subscriber. Thanks for watching!

      I may eventually ask him, but I am fairly sure it is a clogging set of pilot jets. I am waiting for some advice from other VTR owners. I have been inside a single carb from a 50 cc Gy6 before but never anything this complex. Tomorrow I will adjust the idle as a stop gap until Saturday when I can pull out the needles clean everything and make sure everything is within service limits. Hopefully I wont drop my bike off the rear stand!

  2. pyroman1 says:

    I’m not, I just happened across this today.

  3. Jeff says:

    I had a few of those problems on my VTR. It turned out to be a small tear in the pet-cock diaphram. Its a simple thing to check based on the other things you have encountered.

  4. kriss says:

    Hi,what are your settings for screw pilot jets for front and rear cylinder, sorry in my english.

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