06-11-11 Egad! I dropped my bike

Posted: 06/11/2011 in Uncategorized

Well boys and girls; after 1 year and 5 days one of the moments I have most feared has happened. I dropped my bike. This was completely and totally my fault. After spending last week prepping and completing my chain and sprocket install I decided to swap my front wheel bearings. Loaded with hubris and new tools I placed my bike for the first time ever on a front fork stand and removed the wheel. Did you catch my mistake there? I used a front fork stand and not a center stand! I partially removed the front axel and slump,,, crash! The damage so far does not appear too major and my frame slider and tail fairing took the brunt of the damage. Looks like it really is time for the tail fairing to go. Good news is that the bike is paid off next month. After everything was said and done I cleaned my bike like never before and she is looking fantastic.


Post fall; I purposely have her leaned over.
Purposely leaned over

This tail has been burned and stress cracked. Time for a new sub frame and tail fairing.
Time for a new tail and sub-frame

  1. Elmira says:

    Way to go on this essay, heelpd a ton.

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