04-10-11 WTF this asshole gave me a ticket!

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04-10-11 WTF this asshole gave me a ticket!

I went to Clearwater beach today to watch the sunset. As I pulled up to where other bikers were getting parking tickets I asked the attendant where I could buy my parking pass. I parked the bike walked over and bought a parking pass and placed it as you can see on my bike in plain view of the meter bastard. I went and enjoyed the sunset with the added bonus of getting to listen and watch a Jazz band with a really good looking singer on the beach. I happily walked back to my bike which had almost 60 minutes left on its pass. I discovered a parking ticket on my throttle. Now I have to appear in Clearwater with my parking pass and receipt because the fanny-pack wearing asshole apparently can neither see a yellow parking pass on a blue bike or pay attention to me placing the pass on my bike right in front of his disgusting face.  Video below

Where my parking pass was located

Motherfucker seriously can not see this?

The sunset I should have enjoyed

  1. Dana says:

    Yeah, I went to the beach for easter with my daughter, paid up until 4:30 pm, got a ticket at 3:10 stating it wasnt visible. i pulled it off my dash and asked a traffic person to explain to me why i got one. she said she wasnt the one tht did it and to simply call the # on the back and dispute it. I called and they said I have to send it to them with a written explanation with 15 days, then I have to call back to see if it’s dropped. If the ticket is dropped, I pay a $10 admin fee!!!!!!????? serioulsy?!!!! this makes me never want to go to the beach and have a really sick taste in my mouth for this place

  2. Dana says:

    let me know if anyone else out there has had this happened, there’s two of us, I’m sure many more!!!!!!

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