The one and only04-07-11 Integrated tail light installation
This was not as easy as I thought it would be. As it turns out the plug was put together improperly at the factory. After much trouble shooting and many burnt fuses the problem was discovered and the solution is as presented in the video. Be sure to hit subscribe.

  1. MikeRR says:

    Awesome dude! I had to do a bunch of wire testing when I was putting my integrated light and signals on, as well as when I put my LED’s and 12V socket adapter in…

  2. Joey says:

    You didn’t happen to write down the process or what wires went to what wires did you? I just got my light in and I don’t want to fry anything.


    • In the video I say which turn signal wire goes where. Are you on a VTR? if not you can reference the service manual for your bike or use a multi meter. when you unplug/plug a wire be sure that the bikes power is off or you might just fry a fuse or two!

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