03-24-11 The Road to Recovery

Posted: 03/24/2011 in Uncategorized

So after fixing my cars alternator problem I finally had a moment to inspect my Bike. I took of the cowl and documented what I saw.

The first thing I need help (and ya’lls help is appreciated) with is building a parts list. Below are all the pictures I snapped. Are there any other tests I should run? It looks like I am going to need a complete wiring harness R/R and what else?

This is the forum post @ at Superhawkforums.com

Original video of the bike burning

Keep in Mind this is a 2000 Honda VTR1000f not an RC51

This is the hole that made it through my fairing.

Voltage measured at the battery

My Battery

Main Fuse 1

Main Fuse 2

R/R and wiring 1

R/R and wiring 2

R/R and wiring 3

R/R and wiring 4

R/R and wiring 5

R/R and Wiring 6

R/R and Wiring 7 – Close up of the wiring on the R/R

ECU ? – is this in the right place?

Unknown box 1 – What is this?

Unknown box 2 – What is this box? It seems like it does not belong

Unknown box 3 – The connector going into the box


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