03-07-11 Saved at FJ Motorsports & Further Tales of Incompetence from Go-Eco Green machine

Posted: 03/07/2011 in Brandon, florida, geek, gsx600, morotcycle, ride, suzuki, tampa, youtube

03-07-11 Further Tales of Incompetence from Go-Eco Green machine.

Today on my way to work I was troubled by my rear tire’s floppiness. I knew it was reaching the end of its service life so when I realized it was losing air I decided I needed to change it right away. Thankfully FJ Motorsports was less than two miles away from where I was at the time. I made my way there promptly and was pleased to find that this months special was a complete set of Continental Conti Motion tires for only 178$ (after tax) installed.

Now a dead tire is hardly a reason to be upset about Go Eco Green Machines of Pinnellas park Florida; and this would just be a simple tire swap except that during the front tires replacement something very disturbing was discovered. Some background; My front brakes have been squealing and giving some wobble when I applied them. I had taken it in to Go Eco two weeks after my purchase and was told that they inspected the system and that everything was normal.

When George at FJ Motorsports was inspecting my front end he discovered that the spacing was set incorrectly. This placed my left disc (while sitting on the bike) less than 1/8 th of an inch from the left fork.  Because of this my calipers where not gripping my discs properly. This caused me to have to exert extra force on the brake for less stopping power and caused the front end wobble. George was able to (literally) create a solution that got me back in the saddle as a happy customer without charging me an arm and a leg.

On top of the other problems (click Here) Go Eco Green Machine failed to notice that the tire was incorrectly attached to the bike. They claim to complete a safety inspection and put every bike through their serivce department, however as you can see it is either a lie or the work is completed incompetently.

I am collecting your stories of trouble at Go Eco at this link. Please message me if you would like your story told.

Again I would like to thank the staff at FJ Motorsports for being prompt fairly priced and creative in their work. Though if you watch them “work” it looks more like play since they are a group of people who really seem to enjoy working on bikes.


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