03-05-11 Collecting your stories about Go Eco Green Machine of Pinellas Park Florida

Posted: 03/05/2011 in Uncategorized

Saige and I have repaired Exia after Go Eco denied repairing her. They told me that since I touched the bike they would not cover their incompetent inspection and set up.

I purchased http://goecogreenmachines.com as opposed to their official site http://goecogreenmachine.com

I created a blog there and will be updating my story. I would like to boost its google ranking so it displays to anyone searching for go eco , but am more interested in any other bikers stories about how they have been wronged by go eco green machine.

Please contact me if any of the following apply to you.

– You purchased some kind of cycle from go eco.
– You had repairs done improperly.
– you were denied repairs.
– You believe go eco is at fault for damage through negligence or incompetence.
– you had some kinda.
– You have some kind of documentation (pictures videos) to back up your claim.
– you remember dates of events.
– you are willing to have a video or story made telling your story for the world to see.

as a bonus here is a video of Exia being reborn.


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