02-25-11 Holy Freaking crap Go Eco Green Machines screwed up big time.

Posted: 02/26/2011 in florida

Ok first off. I went to Go Eco because they had the bike I wanted specifically. Also My buddy chesttotake got a f4i there and has had no problems to this date. . Many people have never had a problem. I however am not one of them.
Yesterday I went to watch the shuttle launch the bike ran fine on the way over. I had a drawn out problem with bank of america. After that debacle  I finally got gas at a “kangaroo” station and missed my shuttle launch. After the fill up I noticed the bike running badly. I thought it might be bad gasoline or clogged up air-filters. My  bike had eaten allot of oil over the last month, but since I did put 2k miles on it in less than a month I didn’t think much of it.

Near the middle of that video you can see the problems I was having.

So this morning I opened up my air-box and discovered a nasty KN filter. I also discovered that the two mini air boxes are missing their corresponding filters! So I have run 2k miles missing air filters.. Great. There was a strong gas smell from the front of my bike and gobs of smoke. Also Black “oil” was leaking from my exhaust pipes.

[Above] Examining the problems

[Above] Smoking Problem.

I immediately took the bike down the street to FJ Motorsports(A great group of guys to go to) and they discovered Gas in my oil. The black “oil” was a mixture of gasoline/oil/carbon(from the exhaust we did not know why yet). I had them swap my oil and Then Saige69(a very very knowledgeable VTR owner) and Claw(just a nice guy and awesome flashlight holder/joker) came over for a tear down. We pulled of the air-box (which had a stripped velocity stack screw that saige got out) and …

[Above]Troubleshooting, we discovered odd Carb behaviour.

We(saige69) then discovered the source of the problem. The petcock has two fuel lines and a PVL which uses vacuum power to operate the petcock. There is also a weeper nipple that does nothing, but weep extra fuel. Instead of the vacuum line being connected to the petcock vacuum nipple it was connected to the weeper nipple. SOMEHOW the bike operated this way for 2k miles! It is a common mistake, however on lesser VTRs the bike simply will not power on. Exia somehow ran 2k miles connected this way.


The WTH at the end is when we notice that the weeper was actually squirting gasoline(it should not be doing this). Saige’s theory is that even though the system was connected improperly there was still enough vacuum coming through the weeper to actuate the fuel valve on the petcock. What happened during my ride across the state yesterday and this morning is that the weeper diaphragm finally broke and began leaking fuel into the head of the rear cylinder which is the one that is operating incorrectly. The gasoline sucked through the weeper via the vacuum line and mixed with my oil in my rear head which then contaminated my oil and shot out of mt exhaust.

In the above video the bike is running more normally.

The exhaust note is completely different and stronger. The compensation we made to the idle adjuster because it was idling lower resulted in the idle being high with a proper petcock connection. No gas/oil/carbon leaked through the exhaust. Though it smoked like never before. This may be a result of what was left in the system being burned off. The choke is operating without killing the bike. The rear carb now causes a dip in speed when covered; though it does not kill the bike like covering the front one does. There may be a ripped diaphragm in the rear carb.

[Below] This is a quick rundown of Saige’s cock versus Geekonamotorcycle cock.

[Below] This is us guessing what the breather line was. Yah we guessed wrong lol.

Saige thank you very much for coming when you did. You’re knowledge of this bike is impressive.
At this moment the bike has its tank off. We know what the problems are and we know how to fix them. I will not pay to get them fixed.
I must emphasize that Go Eco Green Machine of Pinellas Park Florida sold me a motorcycle that had been through their “inspection”. This motorcycle was missing 2 air-filters and had an improperly connected fuel system… As if that was not enough; when I went earlier that day to FJ Motorsports it was discovered that my oil plug bolt had snapped in half and was removed with finger force. Fortunately George was able to fish it out.

Utter carelessness or Incompetence?
I am attempting to make my way down there on Thursday to find out what can be done. Unfortunately they had me sign paperwork agreeing to an arbiter so I may be screwed if they do not do me right. On the other hand the repairs needed are not terribly complex or expensive and I have a spare engine/tranny coming in next week; should things be really bad.
Stay tuned.

P.S anyone have a motorcycle ramp and willing to haul a bike to pinellas park in exchange for beer?

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  1. MikeRR says:

    Wow. Shitty luck dude. Glad I made west coast powersports give me a 2-yr factory warranty. Hope it all works out!

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