12-19-10 Tampasportbikes.com Clearwater Beach run.

Posted: 12/20/2010 in Uncategorized

The one and onlyWe had a fantastic turnout for the meet even though the weather was less than ideal. The Brandon group was the strongest (20+ riders deep) as usual. This is longshots last hoorah before I pick up the VFR this week(fingers crossed).

TSB members can find the thread regarding this meetup at the by clicking this link. Non-Members may sign up for free at the same link.

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This is the crew that met up @ Winghouse on 301 in Brandon

This is the crew that met up at Clearwater High School.

And below are the pics. I do not have my go pro yet so I apologize for the lack of video from this meet.

I almost didn’t make it because this was happening when I started up Longshot this morning.

  1. sradgsxr600 (nick) says:

    it was a sweet run, had alot of fun. funniest qoute of that day:
    geek:”yeah, well my ka-tuna…………..” lmao good times, good times………….

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