Site updates 10-10-10

Posted: 10/10/2010 in florida, geek, gsx600, morotcycle, ride, suzuki, tampa, Uncategorized, youtube

Sorry I have been incognito for awhile now. Life has been a bit complicated so I have been out of view taking care of things. I deactivated my Facebook about a month ago and am mulling over whether to reactivate it or not.

Some upcoming site updates;

* Live Chat Widget – Done look to the left. if I am nearby a machine I will get your IM
* Post some videos of what I have been up to – Done 75%
* Updated layout – Done and very satisfied
* Riding video logs – My 808 helmet camera will be arriving from Hong Kong shortly. I will begin Logging right away with the north run as my first full ride log (more info on the north run can be found here). After this I will be buying the GoPro Hero HD 960
* Product reviews – free stuff is the whole point of this site after all.

Upcoming updates to Longshot;

* I will probably be restoring my carburettors myself so look forward to a Video documenting that process.
* Rebuild of my fuel petcock
* Exchanging brake pads
* Adding Apple Decals (worth +5 HP each)
* I have a new windscreen being shipped in from china its a knock-off double bubble and should be here this week.
* After riding Sandy around on the back I decided to add the rear grab bar to the passenger seat.
* I will be having the tank repainted and fairings further restored. Unfortunately I cannot do this by myself so just some before and after videos will be posted.
* My helmet was recently damaged in a non riding incident so I will be purchasing a new helmet soon. Look for a review when I decide what to get.

If you have not done so already dont forget to subscribe to the Youtube channel for this site at this link. You will find allot of other interesting Vloggers in my subscritions.

If you are a biker in the Tampa Bay area be sure to join the forums at . Members go on group rides and participate in meet and greets on a regular basis.

Bike nights in the Florida are listed at this site so check em out and come visit.


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