Keeping track of my expensive little hobby. Beginner advice

Posted: 07/03/2010 in morotcycle

I decided to get a Cheap used bike for my first and I wound up with a 1994 Suzuki Katana 600. Its a great little bike. Its 4 cylinder 600 class so it lacks nothing in power, but at the same time its low and heavy enough that I don’t need to worry about spontaneous wheelies. Also it doesn’t have douche-bag seating which is a plus.

I thought that getting this bike so cheaply would save me allot of money but as you can see on the chart below (which will update automatically) it will wind up being around blue book to get this machine highway safe. also the link below will give a new rider an idea of what the costs of maintenance will run. Motorcycle parts are not nearly as inexpensive as I had anticipated. The price of motorcycle servicing is also pretty high at ~$40.00 per half hour.

On a side note I will be selling this bike when I’m done with it and move to an fz6 or similar bike. I would like to sell it to another beginner.

check the link below.

Motorcycle Expenditure Tracking sheet


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